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Calling all Women!  Whether you work or stay at home, your insurance need is extremely important.  Consider:

  • A stay-at-home-mother spends countless hours as a childcare provider, a chef, a housekeeper, ect.  If a family suddenly lost its mother, a great financial and emotional burden would fall on the father.  Life insurance for a stay-at-home mom means the father would be able to afford child care of extra help with household duties.  Forty-three percent of women have not life insurance coverage at all!
  • A newly married couple often has a twenty-year mortgage and huge student loans to pay off.  Without the wife would the husband’s income cover these expenses?  Life insurance for recently married women is critical.
  • For a single mom, income protection is essential.  She may be the only one supporting her children financially and life insurance coverage will be crucial for their future.
  • Senior women may want an appropriate amount of protection to cover the cost of a funeral or estate taxes so the burden isn’t on surviving family.

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