In Life Insurance

What To Expect

The process for buying life insurance is pretty easy:

Two Easy Ways to Get Life Insurance:

On the Phone. For Immediate Service and a More Accurate Quote, Speak with a MichiganTerm Associate at 888+242-9644 from 9am to 5pm EST Mon-Fri

Online. Fill out this Simple Online Form. A MichiganTerm Associate will Contact You and Help You Match your Insurance Needs.

After you and your licensed financial professional fill out an application for life insurance, a medical examination will be scheduled in your home or your office. The examiner may review your medical and health history, collect blood and urine specimens and possibly administer other medical tests. In some cases, specific tests may be required that will need to be given by your health care provider. The medical examinations are conducted at our expense. Please be assured that we value your privacy and will keep any information we collect confidential.

Your licensed financial professional will contact you when the underwriting process is complete. If you are approved, he or she will arrange to deliver your policy.

Policy Coverage
Life insurance coverage is not in effect until your application is approved, and any outstanding policy requirements and your first premium payment have been received by us. Approval is not guaranteed.