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Michigan Term Life Insurance AgentWhen a potential client calls into our firm for life insurance we start an information gathering dialogue that I’ll be honest, sometimes rubs people the wrong way.  In a world full of “immediate gratification” and “faster results” attempting to slow the process down is at odds with the reason for going online in the first place.

Michigan Term has been helping people insure their lives since 2004 and one thing I can tell you is that when we act like order takers the client ends up paying more for their insurance.

There needs to be an analysis review and it can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it but there NEEDS TO BE ANALYSIS in order to attempt to get it right. Most financial planners or insurance agents have seen some form of planning methodology that covers a multi-step process in order to make an informed recommendation. Regardless the number of steps in the process I firmly believe that you need to start with:

STEP 1…gather the information.  More often than not a web-based sales process skips Steps 1 and even 2 and moves right into Step 3, which is the step that provides recommendation, or the cost.

Skipping steps likely means we will be adding steps on the back end of the process, like trying to find another company or quoting you a lesser amount or duration because the results did not meet expectations.  We recommend working with an agent that takes the time to ask you the right questions and understands that there is a reason for the “personal” questions.

We are not order takers, there are too many of them out there already.  We are question askers (if that’s even a thing).  We are “get it right the first time” agents.  We can promise that if you give us a few extra minutes,  it will pay off in the end.

Interested in starting Step 1?

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